Colorful Self Portrait by Pat Dicker
About Pat Dicker

Color is my passion.

My Background

I love sharing that passion with friends, family, fellow quilters and those who appreciate the beauty, color and excitement of fabrics combined to make unique quilts and quilted wall hangings.  I graduated with a degree in art from San Jose State University and have loved to sew as long as I can remember.

Trying New Things

In 2011 I faced up to the fact that I had always wanted to try watercolor.  As you can see on my website, it has become another passion.  I’m learning something new every day, which in itself is very important.  Carry on and create.

Wide Recognition

Many years ago I spoke at a local guild meeting with this introduction, “Pat Dicker is an award winning quilt artist, whose works are characterized by her bright lively colors, complex design and technical excellence.  She produces prodigious amounts of work – all original and much of it wonderfully humorous.  In 2001, Pat was commissioned by Woman’s Day to create a quilt featured in the magazine and presented to the wife of New York governor George Pataki. Another of her quilts “Rainbow Sprinkle” was published in Mary Mashuta’s book “Confetti Quilts,” and Pat has received many  “Best of Show” awards in the Art Quilt category at the Marin County Fair.”

Grey Fox