February 25, 2013

Changes Are Starting to Happen

Changes are good.

The slow process of updating my Website/Blog has begun.  My first priority is to consolidate some of the categories.  For example, I have just put all the Journal Quilts on one page rather than two.  Hopefully these changes will make for a more enjoyable  viewing experience for my guests, presuming I have some.  LOL.  I haven’t discovered an easy way to accomplish this transition so the changes will come slowly.  In the mean time I am having a blast is Jane La Fazio’s on-line Art Quilt class.  This week we are working on little bird quilts.  My American Robin is pictured above.

Gotta go pack now as I leave for San Diego on Thursday to join an artist friend for a week of sketching, sunshine, relaxing and enjoying the southern reaches of California.  Ciao until next time.