November 19, 2023

Quilting at the Ranch and Other Adventures.

If you happen to read my blog posts, you will know I haven't posted anything since July. That does not mean I have been sitting around doing nothing. I would guess I have completed about 8 quilt tops. I will only post photos of them when they are quilted and bound. Admittedly the binding is the part that holds me back, but lately I have had my quilter even do that, especially if the quilt is a gift and I'm on a deadline, such as the birth of a new little recipient. Other creative pursuits have also been taking up my time, such as several Mixed Media books, meeting with my watercolor group, cleaning out years and years worth of "stuff", hauling it to the Goodwill box, etc. etc. In September I spent a week at Bishops Ranch in beautiful Healdsburg, where I finished three quilts tops that had been sitting around for quit some time!

Tom and I spent a very special big birthday weekend at Stinson Beach. George and Elizabeth hosted and Russell surprised us with a visit, bringing Drew with him. Even Bailey was invited for the weekend. She was a little unsure of herself at the Stinson house, but went crazy with "zoomies" on the beach. We did some great bird watching, even spotting two bald eagles and watched a sea lion playing in the lagoon.

A few weeks after the our Stinson weekend, I flew to Vancouver, B.C. to meet up with two dear Canadian friends. We then drove down to Widbey Island, WA, to visit another dear friend, who had recently moved there. We stayed on Widbey for about five days at which time we toured the beautiful island, ate at some very special restaurants, poked around  interesting shops, worked on our collage journals, chatting and catching up the entire very enjoyable time.

Now it's time to get back to the real world and FINISH a few more projects.