July 22, 2023

While the Paint Dries

When I returned from my April/May trip, I felt very motivated to create and clean out my art spaces. As a result, I have done lots of watercolor, gouache, collage, mixed media and even made a few books. All those projects require drying time, but that time does not go to waste. My overstuffed sewing room calls to me reminding me that I will never use up all my fabric, even If I live another 30 years! After sorting through several drawers, I realized I had many strips and scraps that were just too beautiful and too memorable to toss. I decided I needed to make another quilt with all those leftover pieces. Finally after several months, the new quilt top, probably called, "Scrap Happy," will be delivered to Valerie at Black Point Quilts for her to create her magic with thread. She now also offers the service of applying the binding. I am delighted to take advantage of that. This quilt might look familiar as it is a larger version of one I made last year. I seldom make the same quilt twice, but I love this design and I certainly did go through many, may scraps and strips in the process.