June 3, 2012

Image to Fabric - August 11, at New Pieces

In August I will be teaching a new class using a technique and the skills I have learned in several of Jane La Fazio on line classes.  Jane has graciously given me permission to teach her technique of transferring original images to quilts.  This technique is fun and versatile and can be applied to both fabric and paper. If a student does not have an original drawing, a tracing from a photograph will do.  For a full class description and supply list go to www.newpieces.com , the New Pieces website.

The other news of the week - All day Friday was spent judging the San Mateo County Fair with 4 other judges.  We had about 350 quilts, very large to very small, to judge.  The organizers of this venue do an amazing job to keep the day running smoothly.  We received all qualification and special award information in advance so we knew exactly what we needed to do throughout the day.  The San Mateo County Fair runs June 9 - 17.  If you go please check out the quilts.  From everything I saw, it will be an impressive exhibit.

Saturday, I visited the Valley of the Moon Show in Santa Rosa.  It was not only fun to see so many lovely quilts, but enjoyable to see so many friends.  Check it out at the Veterans Building through today.