October 8, 2011

It’s a Good Thing I have a Station Wagon!

Another great week at Bishop’s Ranch

What would I do if I ever bought a smaller car?!  Here is my station wagon filled with my sewing supplies plus all the sewing gear of my good friend Ancella.  She took this picture several years ago.  I love it as it is a reminder of how much fun we have, how much we get done and how much we can cram in to my car with the stipulation I can see over it for a clear view in my mirror.  We go up to the Ranch at least twice a year to sew with about 50 of our good quilting buddies.  I usually pick up Ancella about 11 AM then we head up to Healdsburg for a little shopping at Options, Fabrications, Clutch and any other stores that catch our eyes.  We do take a break for lunch, which is always delicious.  By 5 PM we are at the Ranch, unloading the car and setting up our spaces where we sew, chat, laugh, drink wine and occasionally finish a project during the next five days.  On the last morning at the Ranch we have a huge show and tell where ladies share what they have been working on at the Ranch and since their last visit.  The work is always astounding.  We have made a lot of new friends over the years and work very hard with our schedules so we don’t miss our special time with all the Ranch Hands.  Did I mention that The Bishop’s Ranch is very beautiful ?!