July 23, 2013

Meeting an Online Friend in Person - Adventures in Mill Valley

Several years ago when I started taking on-line watercolor classes, I had no idea where that wonderful adventure would lead.  After “seeing” the same people in several classes, we started an informal on-line group. Two of us live in California, one Washington, one Oregon, one Maine, one New Hampshire, one Canada and two from the UK.  We frequently take classes together, share ideas, sketches, pros and cons of particular supplies, brand recommendations, heartaches and achievements.  I have been very fortunate to have actually met five of the other artists in person.  I cannot express what a joy that has been.  Last week Sarah was here from Maine along with Diane from California, who I have known for a long time.  The three of us met at Mill Valley’s wonderful art, fabric, yarn , creativity headquarters, Once Around, before heading up to my home for a studio tour and sharing of sketchbooks.  We then headed back downtown to Joe’s Taco Lounge for a delicious lunch and a bit of sketching.  It was a charmed day.