December 30, 2012

Ring Out 2012 - Adventures from Santa's Workshop

If it seems like things were very quiet on my Blog, you are right.  Since my last posting I have spent a lot of time at my sewing machine making little gifts for friends and making an old fashioned Raggedy Ann doll for my granddaughter for Christmas.  Raggedy Ann is pictured above with her Uncle Andy, aka my oldest son’s Raggedy Andy that I made 35 years ago.  I think I have loved these dolls ever since my childhood German Shepard brought one home for me.  My parents insisted I ask around the neighborhood to see who it might belong too, but I never did find out.  Who knows how far our dog had wandered.

This year was our turn to host Christmas.  I love it when everyone is here.  All my Santa’s were out, the tree was decorated, the house all set up for a two year old, when everything changed in an instant.  First both Tom and I were under the weather a bit, then my oldest had to cancel because of serious Christmas Day work commitments, then the refrigerator broke down.  That was the final straw.  Our youngest generously invited us down to have Christmas with he, his wife and our sweet granddaughter.  We took the dog as it was too late to make other plans, though we tried.  In the end we had an absolutely wonderful Christmas sharing the day (partly with Facetime) with ours sons and their families and our big sweet Rhodesian.

Happy New Year Dear Family and Friends.  You mean the world to me!