March 14, 2012

Spring Showers Bring Fantasy Flowers

Like so many parts of the world, we have had really bizarre weather.  Throughout most of the  winter we have had incredibly  clear skies with moderate temperatures, sometimes even in the high 70s.  Yesterday winter finally arrived with heavy rains and strong winds.  Oh wait, it is almost spring!  And “Spring” is the theme for New Pieces monthly 12 x 12 challenge.  Having just recovered from a nasty cold and finding it necessary to take it easy, I sat for two days and beaded my little piece, “Spring Showers Bring Fantasy Flowers.”  The beading is very simple, but adds interest and sparkle.  I just ordered Lyric Kenard’s DVD, “Bead It Like You Mean It,” but couldn’t wait to get started.  I saw a sample of what the DVD will have to offer so know another beaded piece will be in my future.

Coming soon - my Eucalyptus adventures  and investigations....