February 4, 2017

A New Year Will Bring New Challenges - Be Happy

Usually I don’t BLOG about personal things but there are just too many wonders to celebrate.  In November our new granddaughter arrived with beautiful red hair just like her brother, her uncle and her Papa Tom. Through the wonders of FaceTime we have watched her develop, watch her smile, wiggle around and watch her big brother read to her.  Such a joy!  I am one lucky Nonna!

In August our beautiful old Ridgeback trotted over the Rainbow Bridge..  We thought long and hard about getting a new dog but quickly realized our home was too quiet.  I started an extensive search for a big friendly rescue dog in need of a loving home, but all the time in the back of my mind, I knew we really wanted another Ridgeback. A friend contacted her breeder to see if he might have a grownup dog looking for a new home.  Along came Bailey, this sweet, smart, very affectionate and beautiful  pup pictured here.  She has now been with us for four wonderful months.  We know she feels very much at home as she has trained us not to leave treats in our pockets unless we want holes in those pockets and also not to leave treats within her reach on desks or counters as she is a very tall girl. She loves being under my desk or resting on the heater vent when I’m painting or sewing, just so she is very close to me.

My art and sewing have become somewhat of a salvation.  I watch and read the news, become depressed then think about all the love I have in my life.  It doesn't mean I won’t be writing some letters and sharing political insight that I think is important.  Be kind, be loving and be smart.