January 3, 2016

Adventures Since June

When things change, I don’t adjust as well as I used to.  That was the case when my favorite photo program “updated” and no longer allowed me to access it from iWeb.  Possibly if I were a little more computer savvy, I could figure it out, but frankly I would rather be with my grandkids, travel, paint, sew, study Italian and cook with my husband, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

We visited Seattle with a special side trip to see “Thomas the Tank Engine.”  Our little grandson was in a Thomas trance, not really believing his eyes.  Next came our granddaughter’s birthday!  I made a little closet full of doll clothes for her AG dolls.  I never knew making cute little dresses, night gowns, and play clothes for an 18” doll could be so much fun.  Admittedly. I purchased a Target version for myself so she could model the clothes I make for my granddaughter’s dolls.  The following week I was in the Veneto region of Italy with my “Italian” friends.  Mozzafiato !!!  Breathtaking in every way.  We started out going to the opera in Verona, studied Italian in Treviso, visited the Dolomites (above left) as well as many other fascinating cities: Vicenza, Padua, Venice and other smaller, lesser known gems.  Tom joined me for a week in Treviso, a truly wonderful small city.  We took a lot of day trips on the comfortable Italian railroad.

In between my days have been filled with friends, quilting, painting and lots of homework for Italian classes.  I am still not fluent, but will keep on keeping on.  The studying has got to be good for my brain, Right?!  Happy New Year Dear Family, Friends and Followers.