February 15, 2016

Adventures at the Ranch

Good friends, good food, and all the time in the world to stitch, that is what makes a great quilt retreat.  Last week I did just that.  The weather couldn’t have been better, not like several years ago when the surrounding mountains were covered with snow.  This time we had warmth and lots of sunshine.  That is important so we can take long walks or hikes in between hours of sitting, stitching and chatting.  We all seem to be wearing Fitbits these days and trying to get that minimum of 10,000 steps.  During this most recent retreat I finished three tops in addition to doing a quick watercolor everyday.  I am participating in a challenge called Everyday in February.  We have been assigned destinations where we “virtually” travel to a different country each day.  Thank goodness for Google so we are able to find such places as Dominica and Azerbaijan and even tiny Lichtenstein.  Along the way we have not only learned a great deal of geography but have also been introduced to some wonderful art and culture.  I need to go check my itinerary and probably go catch another long “virtual” flight.  I’ll be in touch soon.