December 15, 2018

Catch Up Time

For some reason I am having a hard time updating my BLOG.  There must be a lesson there such as don’t wait four months.  That is a long time for this brain.

Since I did my last update in August, I have had the pleasure of going on a study tour (Italian) to Umbria, Italy.  We stayed in the lovely town of Spoleto for four days then moved on to Perugia, where we stayed for two wonderful weeks.  Our school was excellent as was the company and food.

A few weeks after returning home, I went to the first ever Sketchbook Skool convention in Pasadena.  There were about 400 attendees from all over the world at the event, Sketchkon.  Everyone was exceedingly friendly and fun.  We exchanged stickers or ATCs, attended workshops and lectures with our favorite teachers.  That was challenging as we each wanted to be in several places at one time.  There was a fabulous Day of the Dead party complete with a Pinata, prizes and Mariachi band.  What a blast.

Topping off the year’s adventures was a week in Maui with our sons and their families.  We had perfect weather, lovely snorkeling with turtle sightings and tons of colorful tropical fish.    We saw a huge pod of dolphins and even an early whale sighting.  I guess one reason my website has been put on the back burner, is that there are just too many other wonderful things going on.

Happy 2019, coming up!