June 30, 2018


Sometimes adventures are simply an experience.  I wish to share an update from my last BLOG post.  I wrote about sending off my sketchbook to the Brooklyn Library for their enormous Sketchbook Project. It was a project I loved participating in, then experienced a bit of heartache when I realized I had not put enough postage of the envelope.  That’s a long story that I won’t go in to but several months after putting it in the mailbox, out of the blue, I received notification the sketchbook arrived safely!  I was elated.  In the whole spectrum of life, this was no big deal, but really, I was so relieved and happy.

In the mean time I planned a trip to Canada to visit good friends in Ottawa and Guelph.  They were the most amazing kind and generous hostesses, making sure I experienced everything possible in their beautiful country.  We even had an afternoon of art and a great visit to The Niagara Falls, a first for me.  We had a chance to sit in the sun and paint the beautiful scenery, which happened to be the home of one friend.  We worked on our daily collages and went to a spectacular production of Come From Away!  I think I cried through the entire performance.  I’ve only been home a few days and think I have recovered from jet lag, which I didn’t think I would experience with only a three hour time difference.  But then maybe I’ve been exhausted  preparing and taking a few Italian classes or getting back to riding a stationary bike to strengthen my my wobbly knees.  I need to prepare for lots of walking on my next trip.  Life is good and now the dog wants to go for a walk.  Here I come Bailey!