April 29, 2015

Cruising on the Danube

It seems that I have been absent for a long time but in reality I have really been very present.  My days have been filled with family, art and Italian studies rather than being diligent about keeping up my website and blog.  I do love having my website as it is a wonderful way to keep track of myself, but at the same time it is very time consuming and I have been trying to simplify.

For months it seems like I was preparing for the river cruise on the Danube with Jane La Fazio and fellow artist.  Now I have returned and am feeling very energized.  There is a new page here titled: Sketches from the Danube.  Some of the sketches are on location from the trip while others I have completed at home from photos.  I will continue to add more sketches as I complete them.  With over 500 photos as reference, there is a lot of material to work with.  When the sketchbook is full, I will be satisfied.  In the mean time wonderful events are coming up as I await the birth of a new grandson and bask in the pleasure of my other two grandchildren.

The river cruise was simply amazing!  We visited so many fascinating and beautiful cities, including Vienna, where I had the pleasure of spending my birthday.  I would like to return there and also to the amazing city of Budapest.