February 3, 2015

Express Creativity

That header, Express Creativity, can be taken several ways.  When I typed it I was thinking of FAST because that is one of the premises of the on-line class I am taking titled Your Creative Daily Practice E-Course with Virginia Simpson-Magruder of Kentucky Girls Designs. .  Do something simple, do something fast, make time to create something every day.  It also means EXPRESS yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your creative inspirations.  I am finding both forms of EXPRESSing very satisfying.  We are working in a very small, beautiful book to create a daily collage.  It couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Our sweet Lani went in for major surgery last week which has resulted in considerable stress around our household.  Art is a great stress reliever.  Happily Lani is home now, resting and being a very good patient.

I have taken a few other creative classes from Kentucky Girl Designs and discovered a whole new world of materials and free expression.  This is her first on-line class, complete with videos, and is fantastic and inspiring.  Possibly by doing a little piece of art everyday, I may be reminded to make sure my website/blog is also kept fresh.  Back to the art table, no wait, I need to pay bills first!