April 11, 2012

Designs from Life

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In Jane LaFazio’s latest watercolor class we are creating designs from life.  The first week we painted realistic flowers then studied the elements of the flower looking for inspiration for new designs.  The iris was a perfect flower to work with as the different arrangements of petals create some beautiful designs.  A member of the class Forum mentioned the designs looked like Art Deco.  That is true as I am very attracted to Art Deco designs for their simple abstraction and clean lines.

The second week we painted vegetables.  I chose an artichoke simply because I thought it might be a good challenge.  I enjoyed the process.  The leaf sketch is a rough interpretation of an artichoke leaf that I tried to use as a border.  I then cut the artichoke in half and did several sketches before coming up with the graphic design representing the cross section of the artichoke.  That design was simplified a bit to create the rubber stamp.

Lastly I painted the leek.  It seemed simple enough and I wanted to do something quickly rather than labor over the painting and designs, which is how I usually operate.  I love this learning process but it is not at all easy for me.  I’ll just keep plugging away...