May 3, 2012

Tidal Pool Adventures

A template is used to create each one of these Blog entries and the title always reads, “Adventures at tide pools.”  It has always been necessary to change, but this time it is appropriate since I just spent the last week painting seashells for Jane La Fazio’s Designs From Nature class.  This latest assignment, more than any other, required that we really examine the items we were painting.  It was easy to get lost in the swirls and complex designs of the shells.  Challenging and very satisfying.

The week before we painted things from the mountains, in my case from around the neighborhood.  See the Watercolor Sketching: Designs from Nature page.  Part of the week I was at Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg with 50 other quilters sewing to my hearts content.  I finished the above quilt that I made for my Italian teacher’s first grandchild.  I wanted to do something very special as Wendy has not only been my teacher for ten years, but I have gone on five of her incredibly enriching Italian immersion trips.  They have enhanced my appreciation of history, Italian culture, art, food, the beautiful language, while having the opportunity to travel with incredible like minded friends.  This year I will miss the trip but am ready to sign up for 2013.