July 22, 2012

Downright Embarrassing...

What on earth have I been doing since last posting well over a month ago?  Yes, I have been busy but not that busy to keep my few followers in the dark.  I have been off my feet quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean I have not been producing prodigious amounts of work plus a teepee for my granddaughter!  Yes, I have my priorities straight.

The quilt pictured above is actually almost done with only the satin stitched edge to complete.  All the fabrics are fruits and vegetables.  The technique is from Sue Benner’s flower class.  I had other things that were more important to do but this is something I just wanted to work on.  I’ve also finished a ton of squares for a beautiful red and lime quilt that I just had to do.  Oh and I sewed a bunch of miscellaneous strips together to create another quilt top.  When I was just about done, I realized that if I step back for a week or two, I can do something really fun and creative with this top, so that is what I’ve done.  I guess I’ve been working on a lot of quilts that don’t require a lot of thought.  Sometimes it is just nice to sit and run the fabric through the machine.

For several weeks, I have been on an “Imaginary Trip to Italy,” an on line class.  The idea is to capture a quick scene that evokes a feeling of being in the piazza, sitting on the bench and capturing the scene in 45 minutes.  I have done some of those, but then was compelled to paint the prosciutto and salami above.  This was done from a photo I took in Italy in a beautiful lille town called Torre della Palma.  It took a lot more than 45 minutes but there was great satisfaction in its completion, again simply because I wanted to do it.  Now I had better get to some of those “have to do,” type things.  Phooey!