August 19, 2012

Making teepees, tutus and painting people

Too much time has elapsed once again.  I have been on an Imaginary trip to Italy, an on-line class, with Laure Ferlita.  We learned to paint people or at least the suggestion of people.  You can see a few of mine above.  It was quite scary but also quite manageable. Now it is time to prepare for a real trip to Italy in the very near future.

I have also  making a huge teepee and a very colorful and fluffy tutu for Lucy’s second birthday.  In the picture above Lucy is not only wearing the aqua and lime green tutu I made her, but is also wearing her special birthday tutu. She insists are wearing both at once.  This morning Lucy, her mom and dad plus Tom and I were all in the teepee.  We fit quite nicely though it got rather warm.

Other than that I have been doing a bit of reorganization in my studio in preparation for new sliding closet doors/design walls.  They are now complete, wonderful and ready to use.  Yippee.