April 27, 2014

Focus on Watercolor

You may look at the watercolors above and thing wow, Pat has really come along way and is now creating amazing work.  Well if you are thinking about the little reindeer dog toy I would say thank you!  He was fun to paint.  But if you were looking instead at the beautiful painting of our sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback, I would have to confess it was created with a fantastic app called Waterlogue.  All I needed to do was select a photo then choose from about 12 different painting styles and like magic, in seconds, the painting was created.  Pretty astounding.  I may give up painting all together!  Not really as it feeds my soul.

I have been very quiet on the blog for several months as I have been very busy with life and life is good.  I’m checking in now because I will once again be quiet for a while as I will be traveling.  I cannot  post to my blog when I am away but can post to Facetime so will do that from time to time.  While I’m away, I will be studying  Italian and creating a watercolor travel journal.  My bags are packed and I’m ready to go.  I always have mixed feelings about traveling, now more than ever as I really miss my friends and family, especially my two sweet grandchildren.  I’ll send lots of postcards and see everyone upon my return.  Ciao tutti!