August 23, 2011

Group Projects with Loretta and Sandra

This top quilt in progress is another collaborative project I am working on with Loretta and Sandra.  Actually they have completed their parts and it is now up to me to complete mine.  I made the first section, Sandra the second and Loretta the third.  Last year I visited a very interesting Olive Oil Museum in Albenga, Italy.  I do need to double check on that fact.  In any event, it was a fascinating museum.  There was a replica of the hull of an ancient ship with a display showing how the amphoras were transported.  I was able to capture an amazing photo with my iPhone.  The photo was sliced up in three pieces and we each made a section without seeing the others work until they were complete.

At the bottom left is the quilt we made for Sandra.  She wasn’t able to finish her center section which actually works out well as she can merge what Loretta and I created.  The bottom right is the quilt we created for Loretta.  It is stunning.  We had so much fun with this project though we were under a lot of pressure to complete our sections within three months !!!