August 15, 2011

Secret Project in the Works...

Bird Bath

It was time for just a little fun.  After making the ABC book, I was inspired to do something else with bubbles.  Here I have used sheer polyester organza that has been fused on, some with Wonder Under 805 and some with white Misty Fuse.  I have not used Misty Fuse a lot but can say it was the best for this application.  Now I’m on the hunt for the Ultra Violet Misty Fuse as that is supposed to be the best for sheers as there is no discoloration over time.  I seldom think through the whole design quilting process and sometimes get in a bind because of it.  Initially I was going to blanket stitch the bubbles, but after some experimentation decided that would be too much.  After much trial and error I simply decided to hand quilt, yes that four letter word, around each bubble with a metallic sliver thread.  It is very shiny and I’m liking it so far.  There are still many decisions to be made but so far I’m having fun and really needed a silly break.