October 4, 2014

Heat Wave!!!

There is no shade.  My car is in the garage with the sun  beating down on the tailgate and I need to pack the car for a 4 day quilting retreat.  The first thing I had to do was get out the car’s instruction manual and learn how to put the back seats down.  It was of course quite straight forward, just different from my old car.  After managing that and  packing a few light items, I’ve called it quits until the sun goes down.  Did I mention it was 90 degrees!!!

Last week I was at the wonderful  Art is You art/quilting/hat-making, sculpture, you name it, retreat. Most of the participants were the same age as my sons, with only about 30% of us who might qualify for Medicare.  That being said, I don’t know if I have ever been with such creative, happy, friendly, upbeat, and out going women.  I had a BLAST.  I took three classes from Jane LaFazio, groupie that I am, covering watercolor, hand stitching and multi media.  I then took a two day class from the marvelous Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson on paper painting and collage.  The  apple pictured above is a work in progress from that class.

Upon returning home I picked up the above quilt from a long arm quilter who did a great job.  I am delighted with the result and I didn’t need to battle with the quilt to get it done.  Now I need to make a label for it and have realized that usually while I am quilting a quilt myself, I come up with a name for it.  This one has been hard to name but I think it will be Il Campo Dei Girasoli, The field of sunflowers.  Or maybe the HOT field of sunflowers.  Now to wait for the sun to set...