August 7, 2014

How Can Summer Be So Busy!?

For the last few days I have actually reacquainted myself with my trusty Pfaff sewing machine and completed a project started at a guild workshop with Barbara Confers last month.  What a fun and wonderful process.  For the most part I have been busy finishing up my sketchbook from the May trip to Italy.  I have three more pages to go.  Some of the sketches are posted in “Sketches from Sardegna.”  There is still a lot of work to be done on that entry.

I have also been taking several on-line art classes that are a challenge to keep up with.  Sometimes life gets in the way.

The MOST FUN I have had this summer has been spending time with my sweet little grandchildren and watching their development with joy and amazement.  Being a Nonna really is the best.  I am sure I see the pleasures of children in a whole new light.  My sons are very generous with their time.  We receive lots of photos and do lots of Facetime.  What on earth did grandparents do before Facetime!  I cannot imagine.  Now I’m off to pack for a long weekend of painting with friends.