August 31, 2014

What is it about BRIGHT COLORS!? I LOVE THEM!

Finally I have faced up to the fact that my 2014 progress on completing quilts is non-existent!  It is far more fun to start new projects and at least have the sense of accomplishment in addition to decreasing the incredible volume of fabric in my studio.  To remedy the WIP problem, I have caved in and taken three quilts in to be professionally quilted.  Two are pictured above.  They are quite large which was another incentive to having a pro quilt them.  Now I need to be patient and wait for them to be done.  I only just finished one of the tops this week, but now that they have been delivered to the quilter, I want them finished and back now so I can put on the binding and the labels.  The binding in made and ready to go so while waiting I will have my embroidery machine crank out a few labels.  That will give me time to start more quilts!  Oh help, I cannot stop...I’ll also continue with my sketching and watercolor.  A new course in Sketchbook Skool starts the first week of October.  In the mean time I am making a set of Artist’s Trading Cards for an exchange with fellow SBS students and woking on a Val Webb Birds in Watercolor and Beyond class.  Simply amazing and fun!