November 9, 2011

Into the Closet! Oh My.

That is where we needed to go to find new subject matter for the watercolor class.  It also got me to clean out a couple of closets in the house.  I filled up my station wagon and took a load down to a the Family Store, benefitting  Family Service Agency.  I am accumulating more for another trip next week,  but back to the watercolors....First I painted my favorite flannel robe that I made many years ago. Instead of painting each snowman motif which would have taken forever, I left the white spots as a suggestions of the design.  One of the actual snowmen was cut out and fused to the paper.  My favorite fleece vest and holiday shoes were added to the composition.  Then I just went for what I wear everyday - jeans, turtleneck, a vest and my favorite comfy shoes.  Note the rubber stamp I carved copying the design from the sole of the shoes. That was a lot of fun and I will use that stamp again, maybe even carve the other foot.  The grid on the vest was created by stamping with part of a strawberry basket.  Now I am truly headed to my studio to sew for a few hours.  It has been awhile.