November 18, 2011

Mixed Media Class Comes to an End

After six intensive weeks, Jane LaFazio’s Mixed Media class has ended.  It was a fantastic, informative class with many talented students that were very generous sharing ideas in inspirations.  I shall miss it.  Eight of us have exchanged emails and will continue to share our creative endeavors.  Taking a class like this is a great motivator for me and really gets me to try new things.  There are already new ideas percolating in my head and I can’t wait to get started.  But wait, I must as this evening my family will arrive in town to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow is our big feast day.  Yesterday I did some advanced cooking and will do a bit more today.  Tomorrow we’ll all be in the kitchen and simply enjoying each others company.  I must admit I feel most complete when my family is together.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.