October 28, 2011

It’s Fall so I had to Paint a Pumpkin

I’ve been kind of quiet as I am finishing up a quilt.  Really, you read that correctly.  Also I’m into my fourth week in Jane LaFazio’s mixed media watercolor class.  Last week we painted all kinds of backgrounds in preparation for this week.  Now we have a multitude of new ideas to work with.  The painting above is just the beginning of my newest mixed media piece.  I started by applying a layer of spray gesso through a stencil then doing a watercolor wash over that. It was a little boring so I did a second wash and put the piece upright to dry, therefore the drips.  I was just looking for interest.  Since Halloween is upon us I just had to paint some pumpkins on the new background.  All and all, I created about 10 backgrounds, some of which you will see when I do some painting on top of them.  Check out my Mixed Media Class page on this site to see what became of the pumpkin painting.  I’m a play it safe kind of person, but decided to stretch just a bit with this piece.  Kinda spooky.  Happy Halloween.