October 16, 2011

The Fun Continues

Since I last posted I got to go visit my sweet granddaughter.  She had changed so much in the last two months.  I was so enchanted watching her that I forgot to take a single picture or take a single movie.  My mind’s eye will just need to remember the visit.  I also spent two wonderful days at Pacific International Quilt Fest.  Upon returning home I had a new assignment in my Mixed Media Watercolor class.  We were to pick an object and paint it from different points of view.  Furthermore we were to take the elements and stylize them.  Above are my first two attempts.  There are some exceedingly talented ladies in my class and everyone seems to love this assignment.  I know I sure do.  Gotta run but stay tuned...

Today I had a moment of silence in memory of my sweet Mom.  She has been gone one year and I miss her so much.