February 23, 2018

Just Another Art Project

Since it’s inception, I have wanted to participate in the Brooklyn Library’s Sketchbook Project, but it seems that there is never time.  I have a bad habit of over extending myself.  Life seemed to be under control so this year I did sign up for the challenge, but once again, life got in the way.  What was I thinking?!  Once I realized that I could do whatever I wanted in the sketchbook, which included collage, I decided to make quality color photocopies of some of my sketches and collage them in to the book.  This was suppose to be a quick simple project, but of course, it was not.  It took hours to not only photocopy but also to cut out all the images. Fortunately I was able to do a lot of the cutting on an airline flight back and forth from Seattle.  Coming up with somewhat pleasing compositions was the ultimate challenge. The book is not a masterpiece, but was a labor of love.  It truly was fun to look back on a lot of my favorite sketches.  Today I send the little book off to Brooklyn to be included in their library of over 36,000 other little sketchbooks! To see the entire book, check out the gallery called The Sketchbook Project, here on my website.