October 29, 2013

October - Where Did it Go?

It seems that I have barely had my feet on the ground the last few months.  Upon my return from Italy, I went to Healdsburg for a wonderful and productive quilting retreat then upon returning home from there, I  immediately turned around to fly to Seattle to meet my new grandson!  What a delight that was.  Through the magic of Facetime we had “met” but holding him in my arms was the BEST.  As you can imagine, when I finally was home to stay for a while, I had a lot of catching up to do not only around the house, but in a few on line classes that I am taking.  The Ferruginous Hawk pictured above was done for a class with artist Val Web.  We are learning to sketch birds with Prismacolor pencils.  Check on the “Welcome” page for a Blue Jay I drew for the same class. The process is intense and completely new to me but with Val’s guidance, my birds are looking like what they are supposed to be.  The little village quilt above was my quilt finished for the month of September.  I’m almost done with the October quilt but having some challenges, partly because I am feeling rushed.  It is time to step back and breath deeply and enjoy the gorgeous change of seasons.  I think my October quilt might just have to wait unless I have a renewed burst of energy.