October 1, 2013

Traveling is Wonderful, but so is Returning Home!

After having spent 3 1/2 wonderful weeks in the Piemonte region of Italy, I have now returned to the real world.  The Italian classes were wonderful, the city and all the beautiful museums of Torino were fascinating.  The food and most especially the wine were quite fine.  And the gelato.....mmmmm, what can I say about the gelato, especially the gianduia.  Delizioso!

Ah, and my traveling companions were fantastic.  We had just enough free time for several of us to paint or sketch.  I find the grand landscapes or architecture particularly challenging so I focused on particular items instead.  Soon I will post the pictures from my sketchbook (check out the “watercolor” page where I have posted of few already) which are not the typical travel journal, though that was my original intent.  I kind of took off in a different direction trying some new techniques and materials.  Gotta run now and catch up with life.

Almost forgot the most wonderful even of the month of September, the arrival of Drew Steakley Dicker, on September 8.  So far we have only met on Facetime, but next week I can hold him in my arms.  Lucky to be a Nonna!