June 20, 2011

One down, many to go...

I am happy to report that I have finally finished one of my many UFOs.  The above quilt was started many years ago in Mary Mashuta’s Opposite Attract class.  I actually finished the top several years ago but was unhappy with one of the green sections right in the middle of the quilt.  Mary suggested that if it really bothered me, I should change it.  The thought of taking out four irregular pieces and replacing them was daunting.  I stressed over it for several months then finally took the plunge.  It took me ten minutes to remove and then replace the sections.  I had a good laugh at myself as I had stressed over the it for a much longer period of time.  There is a cozy flannel back on the quilt as I finished it for a friend’s grandson.  It will be presented tonight.  While attaching the binding I added some little “tabs” of ribbons as I have heard and seen that babies are attracted to labels on plush animals.  Many of those plush animals now come fully equipped with dozens of little ribbon tabs.  Check out the “Quilts As Gifts” page to see details.

In addition to finishing the Opposites Attract quilt, I have been spending hours and hours on a machine applique project.  That will be revealed next month.  I feel compelled to work on something else so I can keep this blog fresh but the other projects I need to do also need to be kept under wraps awhile.

Ah, I’ll soon post some of the completed “Eichler” blocks.  They too are progressing.