April 17, 2013

Play Time for Me

While the big mouse is away, the little mouse will play.  That is just what I am doing while trying to keep up with two on-line classes with Jane La Fazio.  One is a watercolor journaling class which I have done before but taking the class makes me do the work.  I am still learning every time I do a new watercolor  The second class is mixed media.  The two pages above were completed in the last two weeks.  The assignment was “8 objects, 8 Ways.” I was aware this was coming as we had a preview of the class while in San Diego in March.  I was very excited.  I also had no idea how challenging it would be.  There are multiple layers, techniques and mediums involved, some permanent, some water soluble, all challenging and tons of fun.  I loved doing these projects.  The one posted here with the vegetables is not quite done.  I felt there was a bit of an imbalance in the design.  Jane and my fellow classmates have given me some suggestions which I will follow up with.

In the mean time, back to the quilting world.  I’m off to a wonderful 5 day retreat that I participate in three times a year.  Much is accomplished there each time in addition to catching up with old and new friends and simply renewing my creative energy.  That being said, I usually come home exhausted but relaxed.  An incredible massage on the last afternoon is the frosting on the cake.  Oh, I do take my watercolor kit too.  There is so much beauty to capture.  Life is good.  Eat chocolate.