May 4, 2013

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

And I have been having fun.

After returning from the quilting retreat at the Ranch where I actually did accomplish a lot, I unpacked, packed and headed off to Stinson Beach for 3 days with college friends.  To my very pleasant surprise someone else brought along watercolors.  Three of us were painting before several first time painters gave it a try.  They were all very successful.  It was such a pleasure to sit around a table on a beautiful sun porch, on a beautiful beach, on a beautiful day, with a beautiful view and paint with friends.  I found I had a silly smile on my face most of the time.  Mmmmm. That could have been the killer Jalepino Marguerites that were being served.  When I finally returned home to the real world a friend mentioned a sketching challenge called, “Every Day in May.”  Each day has a suggested theme and we paint then post our work on a group Facebook page.  What fun and what talent!  But now that it is May 4, I am feeling the pressure to finish my May quilt.  I’m heading up to my studio right after I do the dishes.