March 17, 2022

Too many online classes!

That is the story of my life.  I am trying to get things under control, but I simply cannot say no to another wonderful, inspiring class.  I am learning many fun new techniques plus skipping over many that just hold no interest to me.  I have accumulated stacks of interesting printed and painted pages, aka fodder, to be used in altered books and my own handmade books.  The pages shown above are fairly small which is perfect for gluing them on special cards for special people in my life.

I have completed several quilts in the last month in an effort to reduce my “stash.”  Little by little I am making a dent but will not use up all my fabric in my lifetime.  It has been a great journey.

Now I’m off to do my Italian homework.  Yippee, Saturday some “Italian” friends and I are gathering for lunch for the pleasure of each others company and to celebrate the life of a wonderful friend gone too soon.  Ciao, ciao.