August 12, 2022

In Honor of my Mom

Today my mom would have celebrated her 108th birthday.  Do people even live that long?  We were lucky to have her for 96 wonderful years.  She is pictured in the black and white photo on the far right with the grumpy face.  I don’t think I ever saw her with a grumpy expression. Her face was always filled with her beautiful smile and sparking blue eyes.  The second photo was taken at her 90th birthday party at Milano Restaurant in Mill Valley, with my younger brother and myself.  About 20 people attended the festivities.  

I don’t know if one ever gets over the loss of their mom.  I know I think about her just about every day, frequently because I want to ask her something that only she would know.  She had a sharp memory, always recalling who was in old photos.  Not only that, but she was also still frequently in touch with them.

When she was 89 she moved from Hawaii to California to be closer to me.  I treasured those years as we were able to spend a lot of time together, sometimes just going to the fabric store or Longs drug store, but other times going to the De Young Museum or out to lunch with friends.  She was always a willing participant and loving mom.  She also got to be a great grandmother.  A title she treasured. A Happy Birthday Dear Mom.  XXXOOO