January 20, 2015

Where Have I Been... This is crazy!

And what have I been doing?  Truly I have been busy doing all kinds of wonderful things.  Unbelievably, knowing my whole family would be here for the holidays, I started preparing for Christmas in October.  With two little ones coming I worked very hard to make the house a fun and safe place to be.  When they walked into our home with wonder in their eyes, I knew it was all worth it.  What a joyful time we all had.  In between holiday preparations I was taking a few online art classes, painting with friends almost weekly and added another Italian class to my week.  Now I am preparing to head off to another quilt retreat just like the one I had returned from the last time I updated the Blog and Website.  How embarrassing!  Not really though.  We must all live for today and while we’re at it, create art.