June 8, 2013

Yikes - it's June!

Having finished the Every Day in May sketching challenge, I am now able to move on to some of my other commitments.  If you have been following my monthly commitment to finish a quilt once a month, you will know I am or was a bit behind.  Yesterday I finished June’s quilt, skipped May for now but am almost done with that too.  I’ll be posting photos later this month.

As you may know I teach Machine Quilting Classes at New Pieces in Berkeley. I am always telling my students that the secret to success is practice, practice, practice.  Sometimes I do not listen to my own words but lately I have been sitting down at my machine and quilting for at least 30 minutes a day.  With all the sketching I have been doing, my quilting has become a little shaky but  by practicing every day I feel like I am getting the groove back.  It is so difficult to strike a balance between quilting and sketching but at least I am never bored.