May 27, 2013

Quilting and Sketching Every Moment

Here it is only May and I will fall behind in my pledge to finish a quilt every month.  But I have spent many hours at my sewing machine trying to finish a quilt for a competition.  My immediate goal is to finish this quilt and another by the end of June.  That way I will be “caught up.”  It just occurred to me that I could finish some small quilts rather than all these large one!  What was I thinking?

Part of each day has been taken up by the Every Day in May sketching challenge that I mentioned in my earlier post.    That has been very fun and informative.  I have tried using a variety of techniques from water soluble graphite pencil to straight to ink drawings and lots of watercolor.  There have been many successes and a few real bombs, but I have learned a lot plus have received much inspiration from fellow challenge members from all around the world.  Only 4 more days (sketches) to go.

Back to the studio...